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Introducing *Free* Shipping

David Montgomery Store News

We've recently changed our prices to include the U.S. shipping cost for the lower 48 states. This is so our customers can see the total cost up front without having to add an item to the shopping cart and checking out, which we never liked. Some of the online marketplaces we sell in already showed the shipping cost, but the Shopify template we use didn't support that. Or I just couldn't figure it out. Just a simple woodworker, folks!

As an added bonus, now we can all be spared the pain of knowing how much FedEx charges to deliver a large headboard, table, or mirror. Instead, our art and furniture is just that much more valuable when it arrives on your doorstep, as if by magic, for FREE.

Our free shipping is exactly like the free shipping you would get anywhere else in that the real cost is just included in the price because nothing in this life is free. It is a little different than the free shipping a giant corporation can offer because it isn't offset by the tax credits and rate reductions they can negotiate due to economies of scale. Which is fine. Good for them.

What if you aren't in the lower 48 states? Just send us a quick message and we can put together a custom order for you with a shipping quote for your state or country. We ship world wide, and I'd love to add some more pins to our map.

Our delivery map.

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