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Greetings, Greenbank!

Jaclyn Miller New Pieces Store News

To our local future, past, and present customers, we are now showing several pieces in Artworks Gallery at Greenbank Farm! I get several requests each month for a peek at our stuff in person, but since we have only been make-to-order in the past, it's been hard to show people any of our pieces except the ones we're currently working on. So, we are very excited to have this opportunity to display some pieces for anyone interested in seeing-before-buying a piece!

We usually have several of our most popular pieces, including a mirror, a Gradient, a Water Lily, and a Sea Crest although not always in the sizes listed on our website (we have to make our pieces fit on the gallery walls!). There are usually several small pieces and the gallery is where we show off our brand new styles! Thanks for reading!


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