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Adding Support for Customer Reviews

David Montgomery Store News

Sea Crest texture detail

Time for exciting news! We've just added support for customer reviews to the site.

I've had reviews up very briefly before, but it was a different review platform that wasn't quite as slick. We're using Yotpo now, which sounds like they named it using a ouija board. It's supposed to really increase review conversions though, which is the goal.

Having just added this, we now have a store full of items with no reviews. Not a great look. It will take some time to build the reviews up too as we still sell most of our items through Etsy. We also do a lot of custom work that is never turned into a permanent listing and therefore can't be reviewed. Darn. But we're patient, we'll get there.

While we're waiting for the reviews to come in, please check out our feedback page. I can assure you that we are an established business and that having happy customers is our number one priority. Our perfect five star rating on Etsy suggests we're doing a good job of it, and we're excited to fill this shop with five star reviews as well.

Reviews are super important for small businesses, so if you do make a purchase please be sure to leave us feedback. We really appreciate it.

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