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New Shop on the Horizon!

Jaclyn Miller Workshop

I have been growing out of my small space for some time, so I've been keeping my eyes open for another space that would work for my business. Apparently, all the small industrial spaces in the Seattle area were all taken about a year ago after people started venturing out and building up small businesses again, so I missed the boat on some really cool options close by my house. However, I kept looking and found a very cool, slightly larger than I currently need, space in the old Rainier Brewery building right off I-5 in SODO! It's no longer being used as Tully's headquarters (which it was from around 2000 until recently), but mostly as an artist community. It has sculptors, painters, textiles, and even a winery! I'll be moving soon and am totally excited to have more space to move around and build larger pieces! They're giving my space a new paint job and updating the bathrooms, so I'll add some photos later.

Here is a view from the front portion of the shop towards the back. The shop is still a mess as I finalize the layout. Overall I'm very happy with the space!

Here is the back room of my shop. I've moved a few things around but overall this is the final arrangement, at least for now :)

I've added a shelf unit to my back cutting table, which has been great for sorting the smaller scraps!

I also added this very handy clamp hanger so I don't have a pile of clamps in the middle of my table all the time!

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