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Blame the Baby

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Wow, people weren't kidding about this baby thing. The sleep deprivation is real.

So obviously that's the big news around here. We had our first baby, Jackson Gregory Montgomery, and he is awesome. Just look at him. Look! He is cute. He is chubby. He is fairly efficient at converting milk into poop.

Baby swaddled with wood clamps. Adorable!

To celebrate, we're having a 20% off coupon for all items over $295 all month! Use coupon code "NewBaby2016" at checkout to receive discount. If you don't follow us on Facebook though, it's more like a Memorial Day Weekend Sale. Because I took way too long to write this blog post. Apologies. Blame the baby. Always blame the baby.

He was born April 19th, which is about two weeks early. We were so close to getting all of our orders out on time, we just needed another four days! Still, it wasn't that bad. He sleeps most of the time so we got back out to the shop the following week and got our backlog of orders cleared out. Thanks to all of our awesome customers for being so patient. I think we've got this whole baby thing completely figured out now, so orders are shipping on time and we're quickly burning through our back log.

One of the items we shipped out recently was this Sunburst Desk. I think it turned out really well, and we were able to get some pretty good photos of it so we'll be able to improve that listing a little. I think almost all of our pieces look even better in person, you can't really convey the weight and the feel of the piece in a photo. Our customers think so too.

Sunburst Desk on hairpin legs.

In other news, we have an interview about our business and bitcoin on the Coin Cafe blog. We are still waiting for our first bitcoin sale, so we may have to put together some kind of promotion to jump start that in the near future. Attention search engines: reclaimed wood art for sale, accepting bitcoin as payment! Is that how it works?

Lots of other stuff going on, including a CNC Router and eventually my (David) first original design will go up for sale! It's going to be a lot different than Jaclyn's stuff, a nice complement but definitely more designy than artsy. Anyway, that's enough for now though, I need to get this blog post up before I put it off again and the baby is starting to fuss.

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