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Fine and Functional Art Made from Reclaimed Wood

What is reclaimed wood? It's wood with experience. Maybe it used to be a barn, or a fence, or the floor in your local pub. It may be beat up and scarred, it may have nail holes and stains. To us these aren't imperfections; this is character. Each piece of wood has its own story that started long before it got to us which will continue long after we spruce it up and send it to our customers. We think that's pretty neat, and when your piece arrives we know you'll feel the same way.

Custom Art and Furniture Made by Hand

Scrap Wood Designs isn't a factory churning out the same faux-distressed wood that's identical to the next ten thousand pieces.  We're a small family business and we hand make each and every piece.  Everything we make is truly one of a kind, and many of our pieces are made to order.  If you're interested in a custom piece, please contact us.  One of the owners will respond to you promptly.

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